Just Curious?

We understand there are some questions you have to know the answers to. While we hope that you will reach out to us, here are some of the most popular questions we get asked – and the answers.

How much does it cost to produce a video?

There are a number of variables that go into calculating a projects cost and some of these factors may not apply to all jobs. However, video production cost can be broken into three components:

1) The Initial Consultation:

This is where I learn about your needs and you will fill out one of my consultation forms to help streamline this process.

Free of charge.

2) Pre-Production:

Scripting writing, mapping out details (storyboarding) and any thing else that needs to be accomplished or approved is done in this step before any field is done.

3) Field Work:

This is where a bulk of the project comes from. From identifying your needs in #1, I may need to capture footage, setup interviews, and stage shots to give you the quality product desired.

Flat rate charge

4) Post-Production:

In this stage, after all material is captured, I put it all together in a viewable format becoming a wizard behind the screen.

Hourly rate charge

I will always give an estimated quote for the job that is discussed and Pope Productions is prepared to work within budget parameters to secure outstanding customer service. Please be aware that any additions or changes to the job will directly impact cost. These estimates do not include tax.

Why hire Bpope Productions?

We live and breath video and filmmaking. It is because of this love and passion for our field we will ensure you recieve a great product with outstanding customer service. Our network of great clients can easily tell why they chose, and continue to choose, coming back to BPope Productions. We would be happy to provide you a client reference list upon request.

What types of video do you do?

– Wedding Films

– Live Event Production (Concerts, Graduations, etc.)

– TV/Broadcast/Web Commercials

– Live Streaming

– Aerial UAV Photography & Videography

– Motion Graphics & Custom Editing

What software do you edit with?

We use Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve.

Do you use multiple cameras?

We offer multiple cameras for any production whether it’s a live event, corporate interview, or wedding film..

What type of cameras do you use?

We shoot on a large sensor interchangeable mirrorless lens system. This allows us to provide you with the latest in video recording technology as well as a discipline in cinematography.

Do you offer DVD/Blu-Ray duplication?

Yes. If you need multiple DVD or Blu-Ray copies for an event or hand-out, we provide duplication as well as custom DVD/Blu-ray covers.

How can I get a quote?

To receive a free quote please use the contact form.

Do you have full insurance?
Absolutely. We have full-liability insurance that covers weddings, live events, and our aerial photography & video.
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