Live Event Production

BPope Productions has over 7 years of live event production experience.  We cover anything from sporting events, graduations, concerts, corporate events, TEDX events, press conferences, and many more.

BPope Productions covers Davidson College Athletics streaming.

We can provide multi-camera streams set-up for your events.  Contact us today for more information.

Live Streaming

Why Live Stream?

BPope Productions offers Live Video Streaming services for corporate events, weddings, and live events straight to Facebook, Youtube, or Custom RTMP. We offer a multi camera system in addition to our other cameras that allows you to see and hear in 1080p or 720p the stream right on your computer, tablet, smart phone or Smart TV.  We also offer live video streaming from our drones as well, straight to Facebook or Youtube or multicast to both

• YouTube, Facebook or Custom RTMP

• Integrate lower thirds, slides, transparent images, etc.

• Up to 10 cameras

• And more

 We use multiple UHD 4k cameras to capture every angle. We’ll work with your sound engineer or provide our own audio to ensure the audio is recorded. We can also integrate slides, videos, animations and more into your final video.

Contact us for more details about our streaming video services and how you can now have your clients, audience, friends and family that can not attend, watch your event LIVE




We can stream to multiple networks at once so you can go live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. Our live streams can be viewed on any device around the globe ensuring your broadcast reaches as many screens as possible.

Live streaming on social media gives you the unique ability to interact with your viewers in real time. Answer questions, take polls and build relationships with your audience.


Live streaming on social media gives you the unique ability to interact with your viewers in real time. Answer questions, take polls and build relationships with your audience.


Your live stream lives on after the broadcast, which means you get a professional video of your event with little to no editing time.


Live Event Production | Streaming


Why Should I stream a live event?
Whether it’s a  small business, college, or local church – everyone is looking for creative ways to better connect with with audience. Live video streaming enables organizations to engage existing customers and reach out to more people. It’s a 21st century tool for creating loyal fans and customers.

Research has shown that live-streamed events have a four-times longer viewership than recorded events. So, if you really want to reach out and grab your audience, live streaming is the way to go.

Why Stream with BPope Productions?
BPope Productions has over 10 years of live event production & live streaming experience. No one makes HD-quality live streaming easier or more affordable.

We  can create a more robust video experience with multicast streaming to (Youtube, Facebook, private RTMP server) and privacy options (PPV, Flex, public, private, by invitation only) right from our dashboard.

What do I need to get up & running?
All you need is a  internet access, we take care of the rest.
How long does it take for set-up?
Once cameras are strategically placed for the live production, broadcasting can begin immediately!  We can configure your stream settings and embedded code on your website and you’re ready to stream!
Are events recorded & archived?
Yes! If your viewers happen to miss the event as it’s happening, they can still watch it by clicking the same link that was created for the live event.
What type of network connection do I need?
Video streaming by nature requires a reliable network connection that can sustain a high volume of traffic throughout the length of a video broadcast. Wired is optimal; wireless, cellular (4G LTE) is an option.
How does my audience | customers get to see my events?
There are several different options for sharing your stream with your viewers. To share your stream, you can:

Embed our widget codes on your website to display one event at a time or

Share the event via Facebook and Youtube to enable social media discussion.

Keep your event private and invite viewers as you see fit.

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