October 26, 2017


Owner Brandon Pope receives an authorization from the FAA

HICKORY, N.C. – BPope Productions owner and chief operator Brandon Pope has officially obtained an authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration. This authorization allows for commercial UAV operation within the Hickory Metro Region’s Class D airspace.   Attached to this authorization is BPope Productions daytime waiver, which will allow nighttime commercial operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAVs) within Hickory’s Class D Airspace.

This authorization in combination with the waiver for nighttime operation of UAVs can be used for night time photography and video, as well as in public service assistance with such things as search and rescue. This authorization will allow operation up to 400 feet in certain quadrants within this Class D airspace.

BPope Productions is the only operator with this FAA authorization & daytime waiver within the Hickory Metro Region.

BPope Productions is a full-service production company specializing in business films, live event production and video broadcasting, wedding films, and aerial UAV photography/video/mapping. The company focuses on message and story through both development and delivery.

For more information or further questions/booking opportunities, contact Brandon Pope at brandon@bpopeproductions.com or (828)468-8625.

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Newton-Conover City Schools.  Superintendent, Dr. David Stegall, has been nominated for Superintendent of the year and this video showcases why he is deserving of that award.

Commercial UAV Operation – Facts

Here’s a short education lesson on drones. I’ve been doing this 3+ years now, longer than anyone around here. To operate a drone for Commercial operations, you must have an FAA Part 107 license or prior to that an FAA 333 exemption. Commercial meaning if you make one red penny or receive a hotdog as compensation , that’s considered commercial to the FAA. If you hire a non-licensed drone operator, the fine is 10 times the amount to person hiring than it is to the operator. Plus I have a $1 million dollar insurance coverage.

On top of FAA Part 107 rules, anything outside those rules, I have to apply for waiver or authorization from the FAA. To fly at night, I had to apply for a waiver. I’m the only person in the 4 county area that has this (it’s public record if you want to check).

If you look at the map below, there’s a 5 mile radius outside of the Hickory Regional Airport that’s considered Class D airspace, the dotted blue circle. To fly commercially within that, I have to apply for a authorization (currently pending from the FAA). When the airport tower closes at night, it converts to Class E airspace in which I have to an additional authorization for that.

So if you wondered why I haven’t shot any night photos of Union Square, Viewmont, etc that’s what I’m waiting on. I hope this was educational. Comments welcome.

On location at Lake Wylie shooting a wedding today. Shooting a Timelapse on the GH5. #gh5 #lumix #lumixg85 #g85 #timelapse #wedding #weddingfilm #weddingfilmmaker #video #videography #lakewylie #hickorync #weddingday #wedding #follow #followme #followforfollow (at Lake Wylie)


It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post.  It’s solely due to the fact since July, I’ve been slammed.

Great things have been going on.  First, I’ve entered into a new partnership with Lenoir-Rhyne University Athletics.  You can read the article here on LRBears.com http://www.lrbears.com/article.asp?articleID=4072&mo=1&yr=2017.  BPope Productions’ duties include overseeing Lenoir-Rhyne’s Video Board and streaming operations for several sports including volleyball, basketball and men’s and women’s lacrosse in addition to athletic promotional videos and giving advisement on future equipment purchased and upgrades.  I’ve also taken on directing duties for the Moretz Stadium Video Board.

BPope Productions will soon have a Part 107 certificate.  Part 107 is the Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations.  Once a written test is passed, BPope Productions will have a full commercial license for Aerial Drone work.  BPope Productions will be there only on the Hickory Metro Region with a Part 107 certificate & UAV liability insurance.  You can read more about the regulationd here: https://www.faa.gov/news/fact_sheets/news_story.cfm?newsId=20516

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of working with a many new clients such as Moretz Marketing, Charlotte Country Day School, and the Knight of Destruction.  Plenty of busy work going on!

I had the opportunity to attend the Hickory Bridal Show back in August at the Moretz Mill in Hickory, NC.  I met many wonderful brides and 2017 is booking up fast!

I’m getting back on track to write new blog post.  I want to keep this update for upcoming business films trends and how the power of video marketing can take businesses to a whole new level.

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